Saturday, June 9, 2012

Because they have mounted an exhibition in the Whatcom Museum, my friends Bob Shaw and Julie Silber and I have decided to have an all-day fun day of quilts in Bellingham, Washington this September. We will all give lectures both informative and amusing, guided tours of the show, Q&A sessions and more. If you live anywhere in Washington state, you won't want to miss this special day. 

A complete day of quilt activities for $95
 Registration is limited,
so sign up soon. Prepayment is required.
If the event is cancelled for any reason,
your payment will be returned to you.

Robert Shaw, Julie Silber and Joe
Cunningham present a Quilt Adventure at the
Whatcom Museum in beautiful Bellingham,
Washington, site of the groundbreaking exhibition
American Quilts: The Democratic Art, based on
Bob's book of the same title. Let Bob, Julie and
Joe give you an insider’s look at the show itself,
and explore the history, art and meaning of
American quilts and quiltmaking, from the early
1800s to the present.
Enlightening, entertaining, endearing, everything you
ever wanted to know about quilts. From the walkthrough,
guided tour in the morning through the
fascinating presentations by three of the best-known
quilt authorities in the country, the entire day is
designed to give you memories for a lifetime.
Join us at the Whatcom Museum for an unforgettable

Quilt Adventure III.

What: Guided tours, lectures, Q&A, More
When: September 15, 2012
Where: Whatcom Museum, 121 Prospect Street,
Bellingham, Washington, 98225
Time: 9:30AM-4:30PM
9:30-12:00 Guided tour with Julie and Joe, illustrated
lecture by Bob: American Quilts: The Democratic Art
Lunch break
1:00-4:30 “Keeping Em In Stitches: America’s
Funniest Quilts,” Julie
“Or, You Can Do Anything You Want,” Joe
“A History of the Art Quilt,” Bob
Q&A with all.