Monday, May 20, 2013

Craftsy Class

Having successfully avoided all kinds of new technologies, new social thingamabobs and that sort of malarky, I finally gave in to the peer pressure from all the quilt teachers I know and signed up to do a Craftsy class, or project, or series. A show. What I found was that those Craftsy people are very smart and I would not be surprised if they ended up doing something really great, like taking over Detroit and fixing its finances.

Anyway, they treated me like my last name was Presley. And they let me teach the class I wanted to teach in my own way, on my own terms. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work and a lot to learn before ther launch date, which is TOMORROW!! Oy. So I am doing my homework, trying to learn how to interact with students online, how to check in every morning.

The class is called Pattern-free Quiltmaking, and it is exactly that: how to make a quilt without pattern pieces, but with different processes that  give you controllable, unique results. This is the kind of thing I do all the time. When I decide to strew a bunch of black bias "sticks" across a white field, I am using a process, a one-step process. Each invdividual stick copntributes to the whole, but each individual stick can be applied as I wish, spontaneously. I have made a lot of quilts like this, where I just dop the same thing over and over until I decide the quilt is done. Incredibly, Craftsy let me teach this.

They have a great online platform that lets you ask questions of the teacher, post pics and talk to other students about what you are doing. I am curious to hear what you think of the program and of the company. If you are reading this May 20-30, you can enter the contest to win a free class, right here


  1. If it helps at all, I hope I win!

    I have your quilting DVD & "Like" it. (I'm not a facebooker either, so I'm really just throwing around jargon.)

  2. It's posted, Joe! Your intro is great!
    Wishing you much success in this teaching venture ~ I'll see you in Craftsy-land.
    Kind regards,

  3. Joe I am a Craftsy fan and would never have the chance to take a class with you. But the Craftsy platform brings the best teachers into our home. After reviewing details of your class and taking a look at your blog I am thrilled that craftsy has found another fabulous instructor. I look forward to meeting you on Craftsy.